domenica, ottobre 30, 2016

Men’s Fashion Accessories: The tie, its history and success in Italy

Author:  Emanuela L.

Among the “must-haves” of male look, the tie plays surely a fundamental role for it is the symbol of elegance.

The history of this accessory is very ancient, someone even traces its roots back to the Roman age, though there is not a real connection between its primary use and its present use, much closer to the neckerchief born in 1650. In those years, the ones who wore a tie were considered very rich.

The long history of ties as male accessories went on between the XVIII and the XIX centuries when it was made famous by the renowned boxer James Belcher who was used to have his portraits with this particular neckerchief, symbol of style and elegance, even though it clashed with his usual informal outfit.

The tie became the symbol of dandy men in 1800...

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