domenica, novembre 06, 2016

Bio Clothing: the new fashion industry arrives in Italy

Author:  Emanuela L.

The new way of thinking to fashion is spreading also in Italy.

In a moment when the big brands are looking for ways to clean up their images after several campaigns to raise awareness on the use of toxic substances employed in the production of clothing items, the eco fashion is spreading more and more.

What is it?

Eco clothing is based on the production of fabrics with the use of natural fibers obtained with biological methods, such as organic cotton, bio linen, organic silk, organic wool.
Among the other fibers often employed we can mention hemp, bamboo, as well as recycled fibers and leather.

The principle at the basis of it is that every component that will constitute a bio clothing item should be cultivated without the use of chemical substances.
Even for the coloring of fabrics, for example, the use of natural materials is recommended.

The adoption of natural methods characterizes...

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