domenica, novembre 13, 2016

La Perla Bathing Suits: The Trends of Summer

Author:  Emanuela L.

Good weather is coming, temperatures are rising and the sun is shining so we feel the urge to go to the seaside.
The Brand La Perla has already presented to the public its new creations, bathing suits designed for Summer.

The strength of its new collection is sobriety but also elegance.

Not only bikini with a classic style, but also one-piece swimsuits characterized by a minimal chic and modern cut that will contribute to the elegance of every woman also at the seaside.

As for La Perla trends, Summer 2016 will witness the reaffirmation of the timeless two-pieces suit in its most classic variant, that is the triangle tops bikini or the push-up tops bikini.

Women who love the two-pieces suits can also...
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