domenica, ottobre 30, 2016

Made in Italy Men’s Fashion

Author: K.Boni

There is a great piece of news for Made in Italy Men’s Fashion, and the important announcement is given by the prestigious voice of the Frankfurter Allgemeine, the German  newspaper with more than 1.115.000 readers:  

Lapo Elkann is the creativity icon of Made in Italy. He is the one who best represent Italian fashion on an international level … “surely a patriot, with a company helping him to customize his cars, airplanes or boats”.

Anyway, between dissenting opinions and absolutely positive points of view, the conclusion is that one cannot be indifferent to the data showing the growth of Italian men’s fashion industry in 2015 (+1,8% almost 9 billions) and especially the increase of export (+2,4% 5,6 billions, equals to 63,4% of the sales volume), with a peak reported for the United States (+16,2% 483 billions), that has become the first market for made in Italy men’s fashion.

“Italy confirms to be among the countries reporting the best performances...

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